Scary Scotty’s haunted house has been in operation for a number of years. The first haunted house was created in 2007, and they’ve been getting more frightening ever since. The goal of the house has always been raise money for Make-A-Wish® B.C. and Yukon Canada, and to date, it’s raised over $11,000.00 dollars, as well as the undead.

2015 Haunted Hotel
2015 poster - 8.5 x 11 - Final

2014 Scarytales
Poster 2014 - FINAL
It was a dark and stormy night. Red was on her way to Granny’s house for a visit. The woods were darker and scarier than usual and the trees made Red feel as if they were closing in on her. She could see Granny’s cabin in the gloomy distance and could just make out a fire crackling through the window. When she finally arrived she went in and Granny was nowhere to be found. She cried out to her, “Granny where are you?” The only response Red got was the most evil sounding growl she had ever heard…What happened next? The only way to find out is for you to come and see for yourself.Be warned, not all fairy tales have a happy ending.

2013 Graveyard


2012 Zombie High School
2012 Zombie High School
You are now entering Mackenzie High School; I mean what once was Mackenzie High until one dark and foggy night when the earth in front started to move. The ground breaks and boney arms begin to burst through… in a matter of only a few creepy hours an unknown graveyard is unearthed. The dirt crumbles away to reveal centuries old gravestones. The bodies buried beneath come alive, well almost. The undead make their way into the school. The possession begins. Zombie High School has risen. The once pristine lobby and spotless hallways are now a disaster zone, full of broken trophy cases and mangled furniture. Deserted of life, only the walking dead remain. Now, come join the rising. The school is always accepting new students. Getting enrolled is easy, graduating is killer.

2011 Haunted Coalmine

2010 Maniac Mayhem

2009 Medieval Mayhem

2008 Monster Mayhem

2007 Little Walk of Horrors